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My Story

    Not many people can predict the blessings that will come their way, or the path their lives will take- we definitely didn’t. Nonetheless, Scentsy has been a wonderful journey for our family.

It began with an unexpected and welcomed invitation from Becky’s sister. She was the host for one of Scentsy’s very first parties and asked Becky to come and support her. I loved what I saw! The product was easy-on-the-eye and the scents were amazing and stirred wonderful memories. Our thrill escalated when we learned that we could be involved in this emerging community. Scentsy appealed to us because it was so simple and unique. So, we joined as an Independent Consultant on July 16, 2004, just 16 days after Scentsy launched.

The incredible years that followed are indescribable, but we shall attempt to do so anyways. Scentsy started in a modest office space (an ocean container on a sheep farm) making wax scents by hand and boxing each warmer one by one. It became a family affair when we brought our children in with us to help. In addition to starting as a new consultant Becky worked as an export employee, customer service representative, and as one of many production assistants. This was a highly active time of our lives. These are memories we cherish because of the close friends and lifelong relationships that were molded. Needless to say, all of it was starting to make scents!

After continuous hard work the income we were making allowed Kevin to retire from the Chief Operations Officer at Scentsy Corporate in 2009, which gave us the chance to work our business together as equal partners. To this day our efforts with Scentsy grant us financial independence and freedom from debt and we can bless the lives of others. We have been truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to earn many all-expenses paid trips and travel all over the world. Our favorite incentive that we have earned to date was the Safari to South Africa. We appreciate our Customers and Team members more than we can express.

Scentsy has blessed our family with the means to be self-sufficient. We have created lasting friendships. Becky grown in so many ways as a wife, mother and now a Grandma. We have grown in leadership capacities in a way that never would have been expected, or even hoped for. Although there are difficulties in this journey, everything has been worth it.

We will ever be grateful for our Scentsy Journey.

-Becky & Kevin Preece
Founding Scentsy Consultants &
Superstar Directors

We currently live in Meridian, Idaho and have been married 28 wonderful years. We have been blessed to be the parents of six amazing children along with 3 in-laws: Our Son, his wife, a granddaughter, grandson and another granddaughter on the way. A daughter, her husband and 2 granddaughters. A newly wed daughter and her husband along with 3 more girls, 2 still at home ages 10 & 12. Along with raising our children, we currently enjoy our work with Scentsy, volunteering in our church, and being active in the community.

We can honestly say that Scentsy continues to be a fantastic opportunity; anyone who is willing to work hard and share Scentsy with others can make all their financial and family dreams and hopes be realized.

We would not be where we are today without the support of our children, family, our amazing office staff and Our Scentsy Family!

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